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Collection: Motoring Jigsaw Puzzles

Motoring Jigsaw Puzzles or your photo to a jigsaw puzzle!

New! Your photo turned into a Jigsaw puzzle or choose from my gallery of over 100 designs from Aston Martin's to Ferrari's to iconic moments at Goodwood Revival. Lock down gifts, motoring present for under £50 or just a bit of self indulgence for you a friend or member of family to stimulate the mind in a nice way!

We all love a good jigsaw puzzle, well, as long as the image is right, fun for all the family, couples or just someone with a bit of time on their hands. 

Motoring Jigsaw Puzzles - the 2021 growing range

With over 100 new puzzles taking a while to upload here, simply... 

  1. Click here, choose your favourite design, fill in the request a sample with the PHA code or request a "Jigsaw" Sample

  2. Fill in the request a sample with "Jigsaw" and the "PHA number" confirming 250, 500 or 1000 pieces. Or email it to me rob@petrolheadart.com.  I will email sample it back  confirming your order with a simple click to pay link

  3. Or just give me a call on 07980 801011 as sometimes it's just good to talk! Thank you!


Thank you for considering this creative one man businesses 

1000 piece puzzles (68cm x 44cm) £49 including free UK Delivery for Christmas!

500  piece puzzles (54cm x 40 cm) £39 including free UK Delivery for Christmas!

250 piece puzzles (36cm x 24cm) £29 including free UK Delivery for Christmas!

Also includes all straightening tweaks, enhancements and email proof so you jigsaw looks super!  Also unique offering, let me transform your photo with a free paint effect, looks great with pets just quote "Paint effect" 

Gallery of Motoring Jigsaw Puzzles - Personalised 

With some designs, from just £10 extra I can personalised it with numbers and building names to turn it into a truly unique present...

Any questions, simply call Rob on 07980 801011