Aston Martin Motoring Jigsaw Puzzle Goodwood Revival

Aston Martin Motoring Jigsaw Puzzle Goodwood Revival

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Aston Martin Motoring Jigsaw Puzzle Goodwood Revival 

Just one of over 50 Goodwood Revival pieces from my gallery which can also be wall art, jigsaws, table mats or chopping boards.  This rare line up of iconic Aston Martin DBR1's captured at Goodwood Revival is ready for you, possibly the family to re create one piece at a time giving a real sense of achievement and great quality picture at the end.

Originally made in 1956, for the World Sportscar Championship the DBR 1 was most famous as the winner of the 1959 24 Hours of Le Mans.

A great gift for any Aston Martin fan or just some self indulgence, never be bored over the winter, simply choose your favourite from my gallery of over 100 iconic motoring designs which I will then print for you as a 1000, 500 or 250 size jigsaw using high quality materials shipped to your door.

Aston Martin Motoring Jigsaw Puzzle Goodwood Revival comes in 3 sizes

1000 piece puzzles (68cm x 44cm) £49 including free Delivery for November

500  piece puzzles (54cm x 40 cm) £39 including free Delivery for November

250  piece puzzles (36cm x 24cm)  £29 including free Delivery for November

  • Hand made for you in the UK using top of the range materials 
  • High quality images from the motoring gallery of Rob Paston
  • Luxury quality pieces pouch 
  • Currently shipped free in a post friendly box 

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