Captain Tom Jigsaw

Captain Tom Jigsaw

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Captain Tom Jigsaw Puzzle to feel the inspiration piece by piece 

If you’re looking for a way to enjoy down time this winter when a break is needed from TV, on your own or with the family, then park all the pressures of life and focus on some relaxing brain stimulation with this inspiring Captain Tom jigsaw design.

Update, with the extremely sad news of Captain Tom's passing, please don't think this is as an insensitive taking advantage off, more of a respectful reminder of the difference one man can make - thank you!

As an inspired photographer/digital artist back in lock down I wanted to do my bit, so I created this artwork and sent a 36” version up to Captain Tom for his birthday so hopefully it’s inspiring someone on their wall. Because I make jigsaws from your photo or my gallery of art it seemed natural to make this a jigsaw too.

The power of a jigsaw, relaxing brain stimulation to enjoy on your own or with the family but to feel inspired,  piece by piece.

Click here for the original video

PS... Yes! for every Captain Tom Puzzle sold a bit of profit for an appropriate charity will be allocated detailed on this page. Many thanks Rob   

1000 piece puzzles (68cm x 44cm) £49 including free Delivery 

500  piece puzzles (54cm x 40 cm) £39 including free Delivery

250  piece puzzles (36cm x 24cm)  £29 including free Delivery

  • Made in the UK by hand using top of the range materials 
  • High quality images from the unique gallery by Rob Paston
  • Luxury quality travel pouch 
  • Shipped in a post friendly box 
  • Every puzzle uniquely numbered 


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