Collection: What's New in PetrolHeadArt Land

Fast moving part of the year with events and commissions but here what's new 

After a recent trip to Italy taking in the Amalfi coast line I got inspired to create this for the SuperCar Fest. Good feed back and all agreeing it works best in a paint effect.


 TOP TIP If you are thinking of doing the Amalfi coast, forget the car and take a boat!


Still on the run up to Supercar Fest I got creative fuelled by coffee and thought of a monster picture to create based on photographing a whole load of Bugatti's and Ferrari's at a previous event. 


I wanted to create a talking point, a flagship of what can be created.  Great feed back from the owner and off event attendees, pphhheewwww! always a great feeling when you've worked through the night!  


And if you missed it, here's what happened at the end of the show, big thanks to all involved in getting this "amazing moment" shot from the roof of my van, despite vertigo!  :  )  Wonder what i'll do with this one?

Just some of the recent Client Projects

Big thank you to Stephen for his 2nd commission, 2 angles of this marvellous Boss Mustang with personalised plates in an American Diner scene with added suitable 67 Corvette and poster to the time, enhanced photo finish and framed all in the name of art.  Thank you!


Big thank you to Craig who's wall will soon be added to with these classic Ferrari pictures from my tweakable gallery, here framed and in black and white - Big thankyou!

PS what do you think of the image surrounding, 2 new digital frames I think work?



Big thank you to James who thought this Goodwood Revival scene I captured some time ago would look great in Joe's new home as a thank you, he was right!  Absolute pleasure to drop off and see the big smile!  Thank you Joe and James!


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