Q & A's

If you have any more, call or text me on 07980 801011 or email Rob@petrolheadart.com

- Thankyou

How does it work?

If you like the idea of immortalising your bike or car on your wall to enjoy all those special moments, choose your favourite background which works for you, your home and the vehicle.

Either arrange for me to photograph it, or use your suitable photo and request a free sample with your photo or vehicle spec. I will then create a rough sample in the hope that you like it and want to go ahead.

A £100 deposit later, I set to work and email sample your design until your 100% happy. In any photo or paint effect, material including glass and metal then delivered to your door ready to hang and enjoy. Or, if easier, just give me a call.

What do I get with the free sample?

This is my online opportunity to wow you, show you the quality of my work if I was at an event with 100’s of client samples to show you. Simply find your favourite backdrop attach your suitable photo, or vehicle spec to the “free sample” form along with any other notes like paint effect. I will then share a previous or create a rough sample so you can start to visualise how it can look on your PC. Yes, it will have a watermark and not suitable for zooming but even these take a while.

I don’t have a cool car but I like the idea of some personalised art

In the art for sale section I have created over 200 pieces so I can combine the car with backgrounds to suite your art taste. ie if you like the Ferrari 275 in the moody night time shot but can you put it into the black and white Venice background with the red brolly... No problem, simply ring or select a free sample of the piece of art you like with any tweaks and I will do all the rest. Or naturally if it’s already fab as it is, you can just order it.

How long will it take?

Depends on how quick you are to approve the email samples but generally from a week to 3-4 weeks when it's peek season, but let me know if there is a certain deadline as it wouldn’t be the first time I have worked through the night to hit the deadline!

How do you deliver my art?

I use couriers, lots of bubble wrap (please re use) and a big box and have successfully sent these all over UK, Europe and the US. If it’s an oversized piece or glass or metal I may well deliver it by hand to make sure everything is ok and get a thumbs up photo 😊

What happens if it gets damaged before it gets to me?

It’s simple, I would be truly gutted, by your experience and will re do it at my cost.

It seems expensive

Have you seen the £99 and £299 personalised art options?

When people understand the quality, detail and time that goes onto these, many have suggested I need to put my prices up. Because it's pretty well the same time to create a commission from your Ford Mustang or Ferrari 275 I have made it a sensible pretty fixed price which gets better value the bigger it goes. Certainly as an alternative to a hand drawn or painted commissions of these sizes and detail, these are extremely good value . Although still many hours go into them, just not as many as a real artist with a paint brush of pencil, i want to give people an affordable option with the quality and uniqueness. .

Naturally when It comes to photo effects this is where this style of personalised art really kicks in and is so hard to re create any other way, plus the bigger it gets the more cost effective it is as the artwork has been created, it's just an increase print cost. Combine that with top of the range materials attention to detail and service, hopefully you can see how this is a rather cost effective one off reminder of your passion.

Also I bring iconic moments and places to you, without the travel expense, time involved waiting for the weather and that’s if you could get your vehicle there in the beginning and guaranteed not have a Nissan Micra or inappropriate people disrupting your viewing pleasure and memories. It's been fun and I love road trips, but there has still been a cost and lots of time to get those backgrounds.

Can you use my own background?

Yes of course! I have travelled over the US, Europe and the UK as a photographer looking for backgrounds I think would work, but if you have a photo you want as a background with the memories you have, then email it over and I will set to work on a sample for you.

I like your photo and paint effects, can you just do that to my photo?

Yes, totally, as a digital artist I really can transform photo’s in to amazing works of art with my unique photo and paint effects, email your favourite photo, quote the PHA code of the art you like and I will create a sample to show you what it will look like. I can even take out people and other things to make it perfect and always email proofed until your 100% happy!

I only have a budget of £50 as a gift for someone

No problem, I have created some personalised art ideas purely for you, “Your Magazine” framed art Click here for more

I like it, but I don’t have a big budget or have a small home

My entry level fee for any vehicle in any backdrop is sub £300 including a free photo shoot at events with a finished size of 24” x 16” on any material. But I do also have my Arty Splash effect where it's all about the car £249 for a large 36" or £125 for a smaller 24" canvas or frame.

Why can I get a canvas so cheap on the internet compared to your art for sale

All my limited edition work is photographed and crafted by myself and my using premium materials as opposed to repeat licensed or stolen poor quality images printed overseas as cheap as their margins will permit squeezing creatives out. Hopefully I appeal to people who like unique art, you can communicate with if needed, creating things their neighbour won’t also have! Although if you look at the big companies selling quality art with quality materials, I am pretty well there, as I have minimal overheads plus you have that feel good of keeping artists alive.

I am focussed on a superior art to last years and years and make these myself with top of the range materials. I am very aware how cheap I could print them using print farms where it’s a cost point more than quality. Here for a little bit more you are buying something far more superior and means I ensure your printed colours are as designed.

Where as to someone painting it would take even more hours which is why I am as opposed to an artist with paints who pain staking takes hours to create something, because digital it takes less hours although excellent value against having a large feature painting created, although I bow down in front of all those amazing skills.

Why would I have one of your commissions as opposed to a painting.

Firstly I bow down in front of real artists as I truly understand, respect the skill and hours it takes to make it look right and felt awkward at first with this idea. But because my work is digital, although it still takes hours, It does not take as long including any tweaks to make it perfect. Also, because it’s digital once I have created the artwork I can print it any size without the costs getting un affordable and on different materials like glass, metal, fabric and wallpaper.

Do you only create bike and car art?

No, No and… no! I create wall art of client’s passions, as a creative photographer I can get the right photograph, then as a digital artist I can transform that photo into a truly special unique piece of art for your wall. Commissions have included weddings, family moments, dogs, horses, homes, business locations even shoe’s and that’s before my own personal gallery of just in case art from stunning sunsets, sunrises and other thought-provoking pieces.