Clients oversized wall art projects

One of the things I really enjoy about creating personalised artwork for clients digitally, is the ability to deliver on unusual projects and sizes.

As well as traditional framed and canvas art work I can print on to glass, metal, fabric and wallpaper which is great for projects like these... 

The rather unusual "cool wallpaper commission" See what I did with one of my old Hornby trains and an arch in Windsor.

The 8ft long, 5 planes and 3 cars commission

One of the most challenging yet very rewarding commissions to create was this fabulous 8ft commission for a lovely client who wanted a fitting reminder with all the memories that go with it of some wonderful vehicles special to him. I even fitted it ... phewwwwww! 

 When you have a great collection of cars and memories and want to enjoy them all on your wall

oversized car art

 When you have a great collection of Harleys and memories and want to enjoy them all on your wall #1   Thanks Guns!

Big Harley Art Personalised

Big Harley Art

Helping you to enjoy large collections of bikes and cars on your wall, a speciality and an honour to create!  Thanks Sean!

large harley art personalised

large harley art personalised

And if it's too big to courier, I will deliver it myself!  Thanks James!

oversized art delivered to your door

6ft Gold Bugatti Veyron sir, on metal that reflects in an amazing way in the light problem!

Do you only create bike and car art? I have a special project in mind... Absolutely anything, on any material in any photo or paint effect.

An Aston, a very cool Jenson Interceptor and my Battersea Power Station backdrop

 Email proofed until your 100%, then printed ...

Hand made and finished so it's ready to hang, then popped in the car and delivered by hand (when it's this big) to make sure everything is ok. 

If this is giving you some ideas, let me expand them and show you how you can enjoy your passion in the home or office with my unique personalised art ideas.
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