Where the idea came from...

In the late 90’s working with a software company Rob saw how the creation of wall art would change, setting off so many ideas. In 2008 after redundancy,  fuelled by his school boy passion for photography, bikes and cars he invested in a proper camera, software and a rather large printer embarking on a lot of training, coffee drinking and expansion of an idea. If you would consider buying a photo of say a moody jetty and hang it on your wall, what can I digitally build into the picture, your passionate about? 

personalised harley art

A road trip followed to Scotland for a suitable jetty, ending in the Lake District where I found this one where the hard work began and thanks to Hazel, my first commission with this fab red Harley. Since then, as well as the UK, road trips along Route 66, Venice and other fabulous European locations photographing suitable backdrops, moments in time and places you just can't take your vehicle to, let alone in the right weather and without people.

Over a decade later, as a photographer, digital artist and printer this part time passion has really evolved and as well as a gallery of over 200 limited editions he is super proud to of helped over 1000 clients enjoy their motoring passion in their home, office or man cave, from canvas and framed commissions to glass, metal, fabric to wallpaper from small to the size of your wall.

With commissions covering most marques, from Aston Martin’s, Ferrari’s and Mercedes worth hundreds of thousands to more budget friendly but equally cherished Chevy’s, MG’s and Harley’s, The common link for all of these owners has been their passion, for their passion something which is shared with every commission as we celebrate being PetrolHeads.

car art commissions

This has been no easy journey with lots of learning curves, the brutality of standing in expensive muddy fields wondering why, to the joy of seeing the smile of a new happy client. Along with a few melancholy glances over your shoulder looking back at the journey full of twists and turns, learning curves balanced out with a smile full of achievements, living your life and following your dreams.

Other stuff...

What is your car history?

After the obligatory growing up with Mini’s, Ford Escorts, and Alfa Romeo's I chose more reliable and practical cars and vans. But sometime ago a school boy dream, from drawing Corvette Stingrays on the back of school books and whilst on holiday in Tenerife, like you, do found one by chance and bought it. And still own it 20 years later

And bikes

Started life “playing” with an NSU Quickly and a Puch Maxi but my bike life really began in my teens before I had a car with a Suzuki TS100, to Kawasaki’s, Yamaha’s a 66 Triumph T100 which I still have. Then after a late night "chat" in a pub and a test ride later in a car park I had bought a Harley, 20 years later I still own it, love it and have travelled all over Europe on some fabulous trips but more precious, met some amazing people, proud to consider my extended family.

Biggest Road Trip

In 1992 after redundancy It was bucket list time so I flew to New York, bought a 74 VW Camper went anti clockwise heading to Sturgis, 3000 mile later when the engine let go I bought a deer damaged VW Golf, repaired it and drove another 15k miles around the US taking in some amazing sites and experiences.

Other passion away from things with engines

I guess what you can capture with a camera is pretty well there but my overall love of music is the main one. From Soul to Rock and fortunate pre covid to have another career which feeds that so I know that the “right music” is the answer to everything in this crazy mixed up world!  I also have a kayak and a stand up fall in paddle board which I find is a good way to switch off. 

Extra big thank you if you got this far!

Love, Laugh & Live your dreams!

Rob Paston