Fuelled by my school boy passion for photography, bikes, cars and after redundancy I decided to retrain myself and create a new career as an Automotive bike, car photographer and digital artist on the back of working with a photo editing software company back in the late 90’s where I had an idea. Surrounding myself with computers, cameras, software and printers the huge learning curve began being such a unique new concept, enhancing my ideas, something more than just an automotive bike, car photographer, the passion was in the digital artist side, turning a plain photo into something you really want to hang on the wall. The bike and car background ideas flowed, my first was a moody black and white jetty and at my first event, I recall trying to explain my concept just looking at this blank jetty canvas, a lovely lady Hazel agreed, I took the photo’s of her husbands red Harley and one very happy but older Pete later, my new career began. 

The road trips followed, Chicago to LA capturing lots of iconic Route 66 backdrops, European architecture, all over the UK for castles and race tracks from Goodwood to Le Mans along with my iconic aircraft like Spitfires, Mustangs, Lancaster’s. With all of these having to decide the best time of day to photograph, getting the light and appropriate sky right and somehow without people but generally a joy to do.
As an automotive bike and car photographer and over 1000 commissions later I have had the pleasure of photographing Aston Martins, Ferrari’s, McLaren’s and Mercedes worth hundreds of thousands to more budget friendly Supra, MG and Harleys. The common link between all the owners is their passion for it. Whatever flavour of bike or car you own, I share that same passion with added attention to detail in creating a piece of art for you. From photographing it, capturing the sweet spot angle showing off all the great lines, making it work perfectly in your chosen backdrop with any tweaks, through to printing it off and crafting your work of art ready to hang on your wall and be admired.

Own a suitable bike or car that deserves to be a personalised piece of wall art?

If you’re interested in having something created or just curious, then head over to my “bike and car backgrounds” and claim your free sample so I can take out the guess work for you. PS If you don’t own a suitable bike or car but still like the idea, then go to my “art for sale gallery” and let me create a free sample for you. Choose from over 200 pieces with lots of ideas to personalise it further and to your budget.