Camera. Try not to use a phone, any camera with a zoom lens will be great, for SLRs set to about 50mm F8 aperture or just use Auto and walk back until it fills the screen, which means you'll be about 6 / 7 metres away. This is the same distance you will be with a pocket zoom camera or a good mobile phone then zoom in to fill the screen all from normal head height to the middle of the vehicle. Always ensure the camera is set to maximum quality, and being digital, you can take lots and vary stood still, tip toes, to a crouch, moving to the left and right by about a metre. Don't forget its email proofed anyway and always feel free to call me at the time if you want some help.

    Weather.Think about the weather in the background you like, 2 options a bright Sunny shot or cloudy which works for night time too. If in doubt wait for a sunny with fast moving clouds and get both with a high sun as opposed to the end of the day when the shadows however nice, can work against you.

    Location.Quiet parts of supermarket car parks or, sports centres, especially when they are closed, or a big open area car parks etc but always on a flat hard surface so I have the bottom of the tyres. The enemy is other cars, trees and buildings reflecting in the paint work and windows. Simply cured by a big open space, sun behind you if out, does not matter what is behind the vehicle as long as the paintwork and windows are reflection free. Little bits are OK.



    For bikes. These generally look best photographing the right-hand side as it usually leans to the left on the side stand. If you are facing 12 o'clock the bike would be about 4 o'clock. Front wheel straight or turned to the left to show the discs etc as opposed to all tyre. If shooting from the rear to get your number plate, with you facing 12 o' clock and the bike facing about 2 o'clock with the front wheel turned slightly to the right but not too much. Again, you know your bike and how cool it looks, so have a play and send them all to me.


    For Cars.Generally, the lines of most cars look great from a front 3/4 angle so if you're facing 12 o'clock, the car is facing either 4 - 5 o'clock or at 7 - 8 o'clock, so you can see the lines of the boot area too. For side-on shots, wheels straight and normal head height. Generally, windows up, unless you want to be shown in it, but if you have a soft top and the roof is down then do drop the windows too. Wheels either straight or slightly turned showing more wheel and less tyre tread looks good, but not too much. Again, you know your car and how you like it, so click away and send them all to me and always feel free to call at the time for more help.