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Inspired by and for captain tom moore

During this challenging time for all business owners and deep in plan B of planning the future I got distracted, inspired by Captain Tom Moore’s story and being a creative, like so many others I soon had ideas as I normally put clients bikes, cars, pets in other backgrounds digitally so I set to work. In the beginning it was a “that would be nice” piece of on line artwork if a Spitfire flyby and some formal recognition could be arranged as he catches everyone’s heart, motivating so many to take their own extra steps and make a difference, love all that, people just being nice.

A friend Ian saw the artwork, linked it with a "Get Captain Tom Moore a Spitfire Flyby" Facebook group focused on the same goal. Along with With lots of lovely comments I also I learnt that a different Spitfire was being planned if it got the green light. Amazing and fingers crossed but if you’re going to do it, do it right so I set to work with a mk2 picture as above which hopefully I can get up to him for his birthday so he, family or friends can enjoy it on their wall knowing the impact he has made. Thank you!