The Drive in Classic Car Show "free photo and art sample offer"

Bicester classic car show

Super excited about being able to go to work this weekend and talk to people about personalised art.

Covid compliant, outdoors with great weather due so its safer than your local super market by Brand Events, the people behind Car Fest and the Classic Car Show in Excel (Olympia this year)

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Your free car photo to art offer

Naturally it's been a tough year here like so many, but if your considering art for your home or office feel comfy to look at my unique personalised art style where if your car is on site I am happy to take all the pictures for free and leave them on file, or tempt you with a show offer!

Like cars but no special car in your life?

Choose from my gallery of over 200 iconic cars and backgrounds where you can "tweak it, make it unique" with additional people, pets numbers, names etc

Come and find me in the middle isle of traders and have a great day out!

Rob  07980 801011