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Bike and Car Photo Tips Videos

Location  1) Away from cars, trees and buildings reflecting in the paint work and windows and on tarmac.  A big open car park or a superstore out of hours work well.  2) Match the weather of the backdrop you like, if it’s a sunny backdrop, take it on a sunny day, with the sun high in the sky and over your left shoulder.  If for a cloudy or night time backdrop a normal bright day is perfect and I can do the rest. 


Camera. 1) Any camera with a zoom should work ok, match the backdrop left and right angle with your preferred backdrop ie 3/4 front, rear or side on. Set to auto and walk back about 6 metres and zoom in filling your screen. Head height and aim at the middle of the vehicle with your preferred. If your comfy with your camera 50mm F8 1/400 with a high enough ISO.  Move a metre to the left and right,  6" higher and lower and our shot should be in there. Zoom in to your taken photo's and check its nice and sharp on both wheels.  2) Mobile If all you have is a mobile, then ensure it's set to maximum quality. As above from about 5 metres away, pinch the screen out to zoom in and make your vehicle fill the screen then touch the middle to set the focus then click away and email them over.


Extra Tips for bikes  As above, 5 metres away and head height. I find generally they look best photographing the right-hand side as it usually leans to the left on the side stand. If you are facing 12 o'clock the bike would be about 4 o'clock. Front wheel straight or turned to the left to show the discs etc as opposed to all tyre. If shooting from the rear to get your number plate, your facing 12 o'clock and the bike facing about 2 o'clock with the front wheel turned slightly to the right but not too much. Again, you know your bike and how cool it looks, so have a play and send them all to me.  See below for the green good bits and red bad bits to look out for.