Collection: Your Bike or Car to wall art

 Whether it's a gift or a well earnt piece of self indulgence, imagine enjoying your car anywhere in the world, where would it be? Now imagine that image on your wall, in your favourite art style complimenting your home, office or man cave. 

Any size, material, photo or paint effects, from Italian architecture for your Italian passion, to Route 66 for your American dream, reminding you of great times behind the wheel to share with friends and family or just a cup of tea! 

With designs from £125 upwards, choose your favourite from below and reserve your free “discussion sample” to see how close I got to your vision. Then if you want to go ahead, I will email & telephone proof it until your 100% happy. 

 Got an idea? simply call (Rob) on 07980 801011                                                              


How it works

 1: Simply choose your favourite background or style from these sections above or anywhere else in the world and claim your free "discussion sample" Attach a suitable photo (click here for tips) or give me enough vehicle details so I can hopefully wow you to taking things further.

2: If you want to go ahead, after a deposit to get you scheduled in, I will set to work on your "photo supplied" commission or arrange an appointment where "I travel to you" to capture all the photo's needed including family, friends and pets.  
3: This is a very unique and personalised service, email proofed, with any telephone / zoom calls needed until your 100% happy. Then printed and couriered to your door ready to hang on your wall and enjoy all the happy memories with friends and family. 



"I bring iconic and stylish backgrounds effortlessly to you and your passion to enjoy on your wall" 

Unique gift or self indulgence  As your personalised art specialist, along with my gallery of backgrounds all with their own stories, I can create a permanent reminder of your vehicle, any size, material, photo or paint effect all to suit your home or office décor and art taste.

Satisfaction guaranteed  

As a personalised art specialist for over 15 years I pride myself on the exceptional quality of my work, email proofed I won’t go to print until you are 100 % happy with the design and presentation of your artwork.

Why Rob Paston and PetrolHeadArt  

I’m a petrolhead, through and through, which is why I started this business, now with over 15 years of creating over 2000+ pieces, I have a great set of skills, unique backgrounds people love. I pride myself on my personal service (No Ai here) via email, video or telephone with the ideas and attention to detail to create a fantastic reminder of your passion. Basically I still love my job!

Not just wall art  

The commission I create for you is so much more than just wall art, using over a decade of photography and high end digital skills I can create a permanent memory any size or material including glass, metal to enjoy on your wall by family and friends for year's to come.

And remember, your commission won’t go to print until you are 100% happy with the design and if your still not happy with it on your wall, I'll fix it. Scroll down and find your favourite background. 

Find your favourite background from the categories above and register for your free sample, or grab a mug of coffee and just scroll!