Personalised car art ideas for 2024

If you love your car and think it deserves to be enjoyed in your home or office, reminding you of all those good times behind the wheel, a talking point for friends and family with a glass of wine or a mug of co co, then here's some ideas 

If you like the idea of any of these, simply click here for your free sample and let me try and wow you!             Any questions call me (Rob) on 07980 801011


1) “I travel to you” feature size commission £699 delivered 


Enjoy your passion as a luxury 36” x 24” canvas commission (other options available) re positioned anywhere in the world.  From an American classic on Route 66, a supercar on the start line at Goodwood, anything British by a Spitfire or something Italian in a timeless Tuscany background.

Finished in your favourite photo or paint effect and email proofed until your 100% happy by photographer & digital artist Rob Paston.  

I will drive to you and the vehicle with all my samples, confirm your favourite background, take a mini magazine style photo shoot which you get to keep, but giving me all I need to create your fab commission, email proofed until your 100% happy delivered ready to enjoy on your wall. 

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Can be given as a special personalised gift voucher experience so all know it’s going to be exactly right and pressure off!  Any questions call Rob on 07980 801011


2) “photo supplied feature 36" x 24" size commission” £499


As above but you supply the photo, with the same feature 36” x 24” canvas, your vehicle, anywhere in the word, any arty effect, email proofed until your 100% happy.  Again can be supplied as a gift voucher.

(£299 for up to 24” x 16” canvas or frame)

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Simply click above, find your favourite backdrop, and send me your suitable photo to  Any questions call me on 07980 801011


3) “Tweak it, make it unique” feature 36" x 24" size limited or unique art £199 delivered.

Chevy Bel Air Art For Sale

Choose from a gallery of 200 pieces of art as a feature 36” x 24” size canvas with a difference (other sizes available)  Choose your favourite piece of art, then as the artist, how can I make it better for you? With your pet, house names, numbers or other art effects to make it just right for you and your home.

Normally up to £50 for tweaking but free. Email proofed until your 100% happy.

(£99.95 for up to 24” x 16” canvas or frame)

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4) "Your photo to art" from £125 (24") to £250+ (36") canvas or frame 

Forget my backgrounds, if you have a photo special to you... let me know what needs fixing and I can fix it, email proofed until your 100% happy!

From a road trip photo removing Nissan Micra's and people spoiling the shot and memories, finished in arty photo and paint effects as well as business branding!  Email your photo to or call me on 07980 801011



5) “Arty splash effect” feature canvas commission £250 (36") or £125 (24") delivered

Splash Effect Order page

If this style of art where it’s all about your car looking arty, amplifying the colours works for you then let me create a 36” x 24” canvas as a gift for your fellow petrolhead or of course, as a piece of self-indulgence.

Email proofed until your 100% happy, with or without the vehicle spec and number plate for that little extra personalisation.

Email your photo to  or any questions call me on 07980 801011

(£125 for up to 24” x 16” canvas or frame)

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6) "Pet Art" Pets in cars 24" frame of canvas for £149 delivered 

In addition to pets in uniforms and sensible and funny locations, here are a couple of options in cars.  Lots of fun and lots of ideas for you!    

Personalised dog art Racing the Spitfire

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7) Personalised framed magazine cover £69 delivered

Personalised Magazine Art

Have some fun with this totally personalised framed picture of a made up magazine cover. Any title, any photo, any sub headings all email proofed so you know it's just right!

PS Doesn't have to have an engine, think pets, dogs, cars, horses even shoes!

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8) Luxury 10.5" Iconic motoring coaster sets Currently "Free Delivery"  

From my gallery of art for sale, these motoring coasters are a bit of a talking point for the home or office and... actually work!

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9) Iconic motoring greeting cards 4 for £10 "free delivery" (normally £12)

We all have a need for sending blank greeting cards at some stage, choose from nearly 200 and never be without again.

Great for popping in motoring event tickets or just saying thank you!

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For free samples to take away the guess work email me at  (don’t forget to include the PHAB background code max of 2 where appropriate)

If you have any questions and it's easier, simply call me on 07980 801011 (almost 24/7 7 days a week)

Many thanks

Rob Paston (Chief Coffee Maker)