End of year Car Show Art Offerings


Naturally keen to help with those little gifts, Monday 1pm is pretty well the cut off time for jigsaws or art from my gallery and Tuesday 1pm for for coasters & cards, for anything else call me on 07980 801011 - Thank you for your interest and support this year!  Pheeewwww! What a year! 

Click for Greeting cards Stock up and never be without a way to say hi or include an event ticket. Pack of 4 for £10 or 8 for £20

Iconic Motoring Coasters, Art for your table and protects against the odd spillage too! from £12

Jigsaws Puzzles From your photo or my Gallery of the world’s most iconic classic cars from £29

Motoring Art for sale Gallery of art for sale, any size from £9.95

Includes free UK delivery...