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PetrolHeadArt Virtual Bike & Car Show 25th April Free screen saver for the winners especially NHS & kEY Workers

Firstly, my thoughts and heart go out to all caught up in these challenging times, especially NHS and keyworkers who are probably all running on empty, big thumbs up and a big clap on Thursday 8pm for you all. As a DJ / Photographer / Digital Artist chap with all events pretty well cancelled, going slightly stir crazy after months of creating my new website I am having to be a bit creative so forgive the "plug" and plan B here. I create personalised wall art for my clients using a suitable photo of their cherished bike or car and my unique backgrounds finished in arty photo or paint effects.

So, during this lockdown period as I can’t get to any events, welcome to my first virtual bike and car show this way I can get my art concept out there (just in case) and give something back via a rough sample screen saver. They normally take loads of hours and are email proofed until your 100% happy but for a small screen saver and for speed I will choose a suitable backdrop and create it so hopefully the winners get a free cool screen saver and I’ll post them so all can see. Click on the images to see more of my backdrops for ideas

Click on the images to see more of my backdrops and get some ideas

Photo tip. Very important, match the image angle here from 5 metres away and zoom in. Post them below or FB or insta and I will choose a couple of male, female and NHS/Keyworker winners more if i can (so quote NHS if that you) each Monday through lockdown, I will re post the end result on Face book & instagram. Be safe out there and resist the urge to use those bikes until we get the green light helping our NHS. Thank you! Rob Paston