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AC Cobra 2 Art Coasters

AC Cobra 2 Art Coasters

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AC Cobra 2 Art Coasters

This 2nd design shows those perfect muscle lines in this rustic european background, possibly on tick over waking the neighbours as it rumbles ready for a ... little spin?

Meanwhile acting as a great piece of usable table art protecting your table from a well earnt drink, especially being a whopping 10.5 cm

Great as a present for any fan or a bit of self indulgence for your living room, kitchen, man cave or office which as a fun talking point which you can even use them

AC Cobra 2 Art Coasters

Are shatterproof from a durable acrylic made here in the UK, simply cleaned with a soft cloth and warm soapy water if needed, finished with 4 non slip rubber feet.

From the growing range, designed and photographed by Rob Paston including Harleys, VW's to Aston’s and Ferrari’s so as a bike or car fan, if you like this, have a look and never put your glass or mug on something dull again!

Also available in my art for sale section as a larger piece of art or greetings card.

This coaster set includes 2 coasters.