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Personalised Harley Art ideas for under £100

Personalised Harley Art ideas for under £100

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Personalised Harley Art ideas for under £100 or a bit of self indulgence? 

Finding personalised Harley Art can be hard work but these 2 ideas under £100 could be the answer as a 3/4 front or side on shot of any Harley looks great, even my old 87 FXR! 

But pop the owner on it looking down at the camera or away so adds to the shot and acts as a personal reminder of all those years, miles in the saddle heading to events meeting more really cool people. 

Thing is, just a photo with you and your helmut on riding past may dilute that cool look, let alone other distractions in the background and stop you from putting it on the wall. 

So I remove those bits as though it was shot in a studio, add some arty effects so you can still see the badges and blood shot eyes but now framed and with any wording, hopefully it's iconic, hence Legends, as I know a few!

Simple Process

If you see me at an event, get your free photo as it's all about the angle and I can sample up something later for you. 

Or... for just the bike, choose the angle you best like, side on, to 3/4 front end on I find works best with the less trees etc behind it the better but no problem.

From about 4 metres away aim at the tank (from your phone is fine) and get a load of shots, then send me the one you are happy with.

If with someone on, get someone to crouch down in line with the tank badge from about 2 metres away shooting up and get a load of shots with different head and arm positions, then send me the one you are happy with. 

Then I will do all the rest, email proofed and won't go to print until your 100% happy.

   Unique gift 

With my unique digital skills creating this arty splash effect I can create a permanent reminder of their, or your passion. Finished in a quality black 1" deep 20" x 16" frame delivered to your door all ready to hang and admire.

         Satisfaction guaranteed

As a personalised art specialist for over 15years I pride myself on the quality of my work and materials. It is email proofed until you are 100 % happy with the design and even then if on receipt your are not completely happy, I will make it right.

                                          Why Rob Paston and PetrolHeadArt

I’m a Harley owner, petrolhead, through and through, which is why I started this business, now with over 15 years of creating over 2000 client commissions I have a great set of skills and attention to detail to create a fantastic reminder of the owners passion.

Not just wall art

The commission I create for you is so much more than just wall art, using over a decade of photography and high end digital skills I can create a permanent memory for you or the vehicle owner to be enjoyed on the wall by family and friends for year to come.

And remember, your commission won’t go to print until you are 100 % happy with the design.

Normally £120 but as new season offer now £99 and with free delivery feel free to call with any questions on 07980 801011.

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